About us

AhoyRTC is based in Kiel, Germany.

We develop communication software since 2005. WebRTC exites us, as it is a paradigm shift and moves power to the user. Our products support this move. The gateway, the cloud and the conferencing solution are quickly deployed. Our team of engineers helps with answering questions and adding features.

To answer your question our CEO Björn Schwarze is looking forward talking to you and developing the solution you need.



Direct interaction with the website visitor is brought to you by AhoyCommunicator. The backend enables you to see the visited webpages, the past conversations and the topic the person is calling for. The USP: seemless from chat to video.


The idea behind WebRTC is to seemlessly connect two browsers. The media engine in the browser allows for video, data and voice sharing. This allows to reinvent webconferencing. The AhoyConference Server connects to each participant and comes with numerous functionalities: lock conference, mute speaker, even kick-out participants.

WebRTC video conference server free demo for up to 1 hour.



Plan and manage your conferences with AhoyEvents

Host and manage your own conferences, ideal for doctors, health care, caring institutions, etc. 

AhoyRTC Cloud

Your WebRTC-to-SIP Gateway hosted by us in the cloud.

WebRTC Gateway

WebRTC-to-SIP Gateway - connect directly SIP and WebRTC.


Unified Communications

WebRTC and Unified Communications

WebRTC video conferencing server for installation in the intranet, internet and own cloud. Works together with iPad App and Android devices.